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Our mission at CHARGEX is to reduce the carbon footprint of road transportation by providing innovative solutions for electric vehicle (EV) charging. With transportation being a major contributor to global CO2 emissions, accounting for nearly 24% of all emissions, we believe it is our responsibility to help make a positive impact on the environment. By providing a cloud-based EV charging service and mobile applications, as well as designing and manufacturing charging stations, we aim to increase the accessibility and convenience of EV charging, encouraging more people to switch to electric vehicles and reduce their carbon footprint. Our goal is to help make sustainable transportation a reality, and ultimately contribute to a cleaner and healthier planet for future generations. Revolutionizing mobility with zero emissions

Chargex stands out as a top-tier electric car charging option available for a variety of settings, including residential homes, apartment complexes, and larger parking facilities

Optimize your Chargex setup with a range of accessory products that are designed and made in Ukraine

Although our products are already being sold in 10 countries, this is just the beginning - we plan to expand further. Working alongside our customers, we are actively shaping the future of electricity


Join Our Open E-Mobility Platform and Drive Towards Innovation with Dynamic Load Balancing in any model

The main advantage of building charging infrastructure with CHARGEX is that the company offers a comprehensive solution for scaling up electric vehicle charging. This includes everything from charging stations to software, allowing businesses to easily implement and manage EV charging at their locations. With CHARGEX, the journey to becoming an EV-friendly business starts right in the parking lot, with the availability of convenient and reliable charging options for customers. This can help to attract and retain EV-driving customers, increase revenue and enhance the overall customer experience.

Upgrade Your Business's Curb Appeal:

Install an EV Charging Station Today!

Our company offers a revolutionary charging solution for electric vehicle (EV) owners. Our Charging stations is a state-of-the-art home or bussines charging station that is designed to be easy to use, secure and powerful. It is able to handle safe, fast and smart charging, making it the perfect choice for EV owners. Our charging station is also designed to be a part of the power grid of the future, acting as a smart electricity valve that can help to optimize the energy consumption. We offer a premium product at a competitive price, and all you have to think about is the color of the unit. If you own an electric car or plan to buy one, our Charging Robot is the perfect choice for your charging needs.

Benefits for any locations:

Whether you're a resident, decision-maker or contractor, Chargex makes it easy and affordable to invest in modern infrastructure for electric car charging. Don't miss out on this opportunity to provide your employees, customers and visitors with a convenient and sustainable charging option. Contact us today to learn more.

The key point is to offer EV drivers the opportunity to have smart charging infrastructure installed in their home, garage or near workplace



Upgrade your electric vehicle experience with Chargex, the secure and powerful home charging station. Whether you already own an electric car or are planning to purchase one, Chargex is the perfect solution for safe, fast, and smart charging at home. Say goodbye to long wait times at public charging stations and hello to the convenience of charging at home with Chargex. Get yours today and take the first step towards a sustainable future.



In simpler terms, Chargex is a smart and efficient solution for apartment complexes to install electric car charging infrastructure. It utilizes all available electrical capacity and dynamically distributes the current between multiple units, allowing multiple cars to charge at the same time. It is an affordable and future-proof option for residents, decision-makers, and contractors. All connected cars can therefore be charged at the same time. Smart, right?



Upgrade your commercial building with Chargex, the smart and future-proof EV charging solution. Our charging solutions are suitable for all electric cars and power grids, making them perfect for larger parking facilities in commercial buildings.
With our dynamic load balancing technology, multiple Chargex electric vehicle chargers can be connected to the same fuse, allowing all connected cars to charge simultaneously.


Our charging solutions are versatile enough to accommodate all types of cars and power grids, making them ideal for use in any parking facilities. Additionally, our charging solutions offer the flexibility to start with a small investment and expand as needed, without incurring significant costs.

WallCharge: Convenient EV Charging Anywhere

Charge at home, at work, on the go with ease. Upgrade Your Business's Curb Appeal: Install an EV Charging Station Today! Universal EV Charging Stations: The Affordable Solution from Ukraine. ♆

Revolutionizing EV Charging

Efficient and Sustainable

The All-In-One KARIN EV Charging Station. The smart LED park pole KARIN EV is a complete solution that has a built-in charger for AC electric vehicles with a Type 2 connector and a LED lighting module.

BrightCharge: A Dual Solution

Light up the night, charge for a brighter future

Innovative EV Charging Solutions

The Future of Parking Lots

KARIN EV Smart Pole with EV Charger and LED lighting. Depending on the configuration, the power of the charging station of electric vehicles can range from 3.4 kW to 22 kW AC


Power Your Ride, Effortlessly with Chargex

Chargex: The Smart Charging Solution for Electric Cars. Experience Seamless and Adaptive Electric Car Charging with Smart Grid Technology. Charge Smarter, Drive Further with Chargex.

Long term warranty

The 3-year extended warranty on our full range of EV charging stations provides added peace of mind and protection for your investment. Join our community

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1 or 2 charging port

To put it differently, Chargex provides an affordable and eco-friendly solution for future charging points. Their innovative technology makes the system scalable, allowing for easy expansion without the need for any extra electrical work.

Support and updates 24/7/365

Cloud-based service, mobile APP enable a decentralized charging network, continuous updates and innovations for your EV charging products.

Design and installation

Installing an EV charging station by electricians provides a convenient and reliable solution for electric vehicle owners to recharge their cars at home or work.



Perfect for EV DRIVER


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Paymant system


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For enterprises


Management EV
charging station


CHARGEX: The Ultimate Mobile App for Electric Vehicle Charging

  • Convenient and easy-to-use mobile app for EV charging on-the-go
  • Seamless integration with a wide network of charging stations
  • Real-time updates on charging status and remaining time
  • Customizable charging preferences and settings
  • Eco-friendly solution for sustainable transportation

Power Your Ride, Effortlessly with Chargex

Chargex: The Smart Charging Solution for Electric Cars. Experience Seamless and Adaptive Electric Car Charging with Smart Grid Technology. Charge Smarter, Drive Further with Chargex.

Key advantages of cloud-based electric vehicle CHARGEX: Accessible from Anywhere: With a cloud-based solution, you can remotely monitor and manage your EV charging needs from anywhere, anytime, through a web portal or mobile app. Cost-Effective: Cloud-based EV charging solutions eliminate the need for costly on-premises hardware and maintenance. This saves money and resources, while enabling scalability for future growth. Improved Efficiency: With real-time analytics and data-driven insights, cloud-based EV charging solutions can help optimize charging performance and utilization rates. This ensures faster charging times and minimizes downtime. Enhanced User Experience: Cloud-based solutions provide users with a seamless and user-friendly charging experience. From real-time charging status updates to flexible payment options, the solution offers a range of features to enhance user satisfaction. Sustainable Solution: Cloud-based EV charging solutions support sustainable transportation by reducing carbon emissions and promoting the use of clean energy. This can help organizations meet their environmental goals and reduce their carbon footprint. Overall, a cloud-based EV charging solution is a smart and innovative approach to electric vehicle charging that can help organizations stay ahead of the curve, enhance the user experience, and promote sustainability.


Chargex is a service that is based in the cloud and is designed to work with charging stations that are compatible with OCPP. The software product called Chargex is designed to help charging station owners manage their infrastructure, and it also includes applications that are designed for smartphone users who are looking to charge their electric vehicles. Additionally, we offer a "White Label " service which enables charging station owners to create their own network within the parameters of national and international roaming.

Mobility is a fundamental need. Therefore, we believe that charging infrastructure should be accessible and reliable. Drivers are particularly impressed by the ability to operate with one hand. However, this is not the only way CHARGEX delights its customers and partners.

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Charge up your ride with CHARGEX! Our fleet consists of both company and taxi vehicles. We've already expanded our fleet with electric cars and after a short testing phase, we quickly realized the system works even better than expected. We've upgraded our system and with CHARGEX's load management technology, we can now operate even more efficiently and profitably than ever before

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Try CHARGEX and forget about car charging problems. With our application, you can easily and conveniently charge your car right from your mobile phone. Don't waste time searching for charging stations - download CHARGEX now and charge your car anytime and anywhere

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